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Master Complexity and Achieve Excellence with Management Cybernetics


#Complexity is the greatest challenge of our time and especially for you as a business executive. The Success and failure of you and your organization will primarily depend on your ability to cope with it. 
Your executive job is becoming harder every day due to the exploding complexity of the modern business world. Future developments become more and more unpredictable for you. 
The number of your unresolved management problems seems to escalate and you feel overwhelmed and indecisive due to information overload and the innumerable, ambiguous decision options you have. 
Uncertainty, pressure and discomfort increase and your personal and professional effectiveness is seriously threatened.

What's going on here?

The world is not the same as it was a few years ago. The interconnectedness and digitization of the modern business world rapidly change virtually all industries. From how people work to the goals corporations strive for is evolving at lightning speed.

If you do not keep up and adapt your leadership approach, you risk being left behind.
Most executives are held back by old habits, behaviors and ineffective mindsets.
They rely on a leadership and management understanding of the past and find it hard to adapt to change.
They fail to deal with the most crucial phenomenon of modern business: COMPLEXITY.

By joining The Excellent Executive Program, you get a unique chance to overcome this challenge and become a master of complexity. As a member of this community, you get all the resources and strategies to become successful and confident again.

With Management Cybernetics you will acquire
the skills and mindset to:

Identify the critical obstacles that hold you and your team back from achieving unlimited success.

Deal with the extreme complexity of modern business and master chaos without breaking a sweat.

Become the knowledgeable, assertive, and confident executive you have the potential to be.

Thrive, feel fulfilled and maintain a passionate fire that inspires your employees to follow your lead.

Management Cybernetics delivers information, insights and inspirations about how to win the fight against the complexity overflow and how to get ahead of the game. It dramatically enhances your mindset and performance as business executive while moving you straight forward to the goal of personal and professional excellence.

Management Cybernetics is the science of effective organization

It is based on cybernetics, systems theory and a fundamental new philosophy of the second half of the 20th century called constructivism. The great insights on these fields revolutionized science and were considered to be the starting point of the information age.

Management Cybernetics is about proper governance, creating structure and using communication channels to get control and realize organizational purposes and goals.

Therefore our professional trainings and coachings will teach you 

  • How your mental models determine your success as executive

  • How to deal with complex problems by reducing variety

  • How to master complexity effectively by learning how modern business organizations can adopt the successful and highly developed strategies of nature and living organisms

  • Powerful tools and strategies to analyze your organization and to improve performance significantly.

    Learn to see what others don’t see.

  • How to build an intuitive and effective problem-solving process based on the usage of collective intelligence to get rid of the hard problems

  • How to establish viable feedback systems to enable purposeful goal getting activity within your organization

  • How to effectively control your overall business activity and direction by creating homeostatic mechanisms

  • Professional communication techniques that maximize your personal impact and influence in your organization

Take advantage of this great opportunity and start your exciting journey toward executive excellence today.

Who is this program for ?

The Excellent Executive Program represents an outstanding offering of enlightening

  • Business Executive Trainings and
  • Highly effective Business Executive Coaching Sessions

It is made for executives who are serious about their professional effectiveness and success.

Those who are not satisfied with “good enough”, but strive to become the best leaders they can possibly be: excellent leaders.

It’s specially designed for executives, experienced knowledge workers recently promoted to an executive position as well as experienced executives in any organization. Common for all of you, is that you have an ambition of leading your team or organization to the highest level.

A boost in quality, productivity and profits based on personal and organizational improvement:
It is all right in front of you.

The Excellent Executive Program will help you to achieve your goals and beyond.

Meet your Executive Coach

As an experienced executive, project manager and industrial engineer with decades of experience from the capital goods industry Hauke Borow is an expert on leading organizations and projects to success. Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, cybernetics and systems theory he trains and coaches executives as a certified coach on refocusing their mindsets to become proactive leaders that master their complex environment with ease.

Excellence is not earned, it’s learned.

Begin your enduring transformation towards success and growth in your
professional and personal life