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New Ways of Executive Training

Success for you as executive within an organization mainly depends on your ability to achieve your professional and your personal goals.

Achieving ambitious goals means working on your management and leadership skills continously.

To gain a deep understanding of the way goals are achieved effectively, the great scientists in the field of cybernetics always made analogies between the goal-getting acitivty of complex machines and living organisms.

The Power of the Human Brain

Cybernetic solutions realized by machines as well as by human beings always reduce complexity and help to achieve goals.

There is great scientific evidence which shows that the human brain and nervous system operate purposefully in accordance with the known principles of cybernetics to accomplish goals of the human being.

The brain and the human nervous system constitute a very complex “goal-striving mechanism”, a sort of controlling system that is programmed by you as the operator and which strives for the goals you set for it.

You as the operator of your nervous system and your brain are using a sort of biological machine. More precisely said: you as operator are constantly programming the software that runs on this biological machine.

The science of cybernetics is able to tell you how that machine functions and how it can be used in a very effective and purposeful way to help you to realize your personal and professional goals.

The software your are using is represented by your values, your beliefs and your thoughts about yourself. Its code determines how incoming information is processed and which actions are further initiated.

Your mental model of the world works exactly like such a software. It significantly determines how you act and perform in your personal and professional environment.

If you change your mental model of the world, it will lead to a compulsive change in your behaviour and your performance.

Experience Makes the Difference

But how is such a change possible ?

Your mental model is not affected by intellect nor by knowledge alone, but by experiencing.

You developed your mental model of the world by your creative experiencing in the past. Most probably this happened subconsciously during your emotional imprinting phase early on in your childhood.

Lasting and sustainable changes in your behavior are achieved by exactly the same method.

Experiencing is a direct and controlled method of changing your mental model and to affect personal change.

Our present state of self-confidence and poise is the result of what we have experienced in the past rather than what we have learned intellectually.

We learn to function successfully by experiencing success. Memories of past successes act as built-in “stored information” which gives us self-confidence for the present task. These memories are valuable resources on your way to personal and professional excellence.

We as human beings can literally create experience and design it in the mental theater of our minds. The fascinating thing about this: experimental and clinical psychologists have proven that the human nervous system cannot tell the difference between an “actual” experience and an experience just imagined vividly and in detail in our mind.

So our brain literally does not know which theater scene is “real” and which is “fiction.”

This awesome fact shows us a totally new way of training our management and leadership skills.

It is also your way to personal improvement and excellence as business executive.

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